Reviews  :  From Pupils and Parents

I have a long-standing history of testimonials from satisfied students and parents. Listed below are just a few examples.

Extremely Helpful. I went to St. Andrews’, and Corinne helped me out so much.  I took AP Calculus and struggled, but I got a solid A.  She helps you not only to understand concepts, but also applies them to examples in your own life.  I play sports so every problem that I did not understand, she applied to athletics in some way. I am so happy I was referred to Corinne.   - A.G.


Corinne undoubtedly knows the material because she’s been teaching calculus for years. SHE IS VERY PATIENT, kind and has an eye for catching tiny mistakes.  If you are completely clueless, as I was in some cases, she can find the point where the learning stopped in your previous class and get you back on track.  Corinne is very professional and an extreme pleasure to work with!!!! - ACC Calculus Student


Great Math Tutor. My son struggled with geometry, mainly due to a sub-par teacher. Corinne caught him up to speed, had him enjoying geometry, was patient with a high school boy, and was extremely cooperative about his sports schedule. She worked with him math section of the SAT.  If you are looking for a good math tutor, Corinne is the one. - G.P.H.


A natural teacher! Corinne has been both a teacher and a friend to me.  She was my instructor for Calculus as well as Differential Equations. Her real skills lie in helping people who are struggling.  She is a natural teacher who pours herself into her students.  If you are having difficulty with math, then I suggest that you contact her.  She can help. - S.S.


Best math tutor in Austin. Corinne is not only a brilliant math tutor, but also an incredibly giving, honest person.  I live about 45-60 minutes from where Corinne lives, but when I saw the amazing comments people wrote about her, I knew that I had to go to her.  I am SO thankful, and the long drive was totally worth it!!  I highly recommend Corinne!!  She’s totally worth it! - A.H.


Best Calculus Teacher. Corinne was the only reason why I passed calculus at UT.  I had a 70 and a 50 on tests before I met Corinne, and I had no hope.  But no, Corinne defied my expectations.  She’s great at explaining problems, maybe because she has a degree in English, too.  All in all, if you need a tutor, Corinne is where the money is well spent. - J.S.


Awesome Math Tutor! I had a base in calculus from high school, but I was still struggling…. Even though I’ve always been good at math, without Corinne’s help I probably would not have been able to pass.  Corinne knows what she is doing, and she really cares about the people she works with. She is amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with calculus. - E.B.


When my son was a sophomore in high school, he was enrolled in AP Geometry, but wanted to get ahead in math so he signed up for Algebra II through UT Extension. I hired Corinne to teach him the entire course, and he made an A! Then the following year, when he was in AP Pre-Cal, she helped him prepare for tests.  She even prepared him for the SAT.  She’s the best. - Labf4


Thank GOD for this woman, best math teacher ever. Corinne is beyond excellent. She has a way of teaching me so that I understand it.  Trust me.  If you are having the absolute worst time in math and want to give up because you feel that you can’t pass, GO SEE CORINNE.  You won’t regret it.  She will be there for you and help you in every single way she can. - R. P.


Best Math Tutor Ever. I am into the University of Texas in Austin, Texas with zero calculus experience.  The pace was so intense, and I wondered how I was going to pass.  Corinne is so passionate about helping others.  Her pricing is EXTREMELY reasonable for the amount of help that she gives you.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing help….  You won’t be disappointed!!! - A.S.