Reviews  :  From Pupils and Parents

I have a long-standing history of testimonials from satisfied students and parents. Listed below are just a few examples.

Best Calculus Teacher. Corinne was the only reason why I passed calculus at UT.  I had a 70 and a 50 on tests before I met Corinne, and I had no hope.  But no, Corinne defied my expectations.  She’s great at explaining problems, maybe because she has a degree in English, too.  All in all, if you need a tutor, Corinne is where the money is well spent. - J.S.


Before being tutored by Corinne, I was scarred by previous bad math teachers and ineffective tutoring. I hated math and feared it even more.  Corinne’s immeasurable patience and various approaches to teaching helped me be more confident in my abilities.  I say with no exaggeration that she was able to completely enlighten my thoughts about math and leaning in general. - E.H.


Corinne is a great tutor. I worked with her on Algebra II and pre-calculus and always left understanding the subject much more thoroughly than when I came. She answered all of my questions and even explained things in more depth than my teacher. She is super nice and always tries to make sure that you really understand what’s going on. I really recommend this math tutor!      - H. McG.


Great Math Tutor in Austin, Texas. Corinne really understands the math (especially calculus) and is able to communicate it in a way that is more understandable than the complex theory based lectures at UT.  She also knows a lot of the short cut formulas that are easy to remember and helpful in learning the material.  Overall, a great teacher and a huge reason why I was able to make an A in M 408L.      - D.M.


Corinne is an unbelievable tutor, and I would recommend her to anyone!! She teaches the material in a simple way that’s often more straightforward than what you learn in class. She is amazing and will without a doubt raise your grade with just a few hours of help. Hiring Corinne will drastically improve your math whether you're taking geometry or Calculus II.   5 stars, A+++       -  P.A.


Our son in 7th grade struggled with his advanced Algebra class.  He was frustrated, feeling bad about himself and ready to give up.  Luckily, a faculty member recommended Corinne.  Within weeks, our son changed.  He understood, feeling good about himself with a much more positive view about math and school.  Without Corinne, I am not sure we all would have survived 7th grade!  - B.G.


Corinne saved my grade in Calculus. I felt that I was going to fail Calculus this semester until Corinne gave me the skills, and more importantly the confidence that I was able to succeed. She is a great teacher who helps you gain understanding of the sometimes “highbrow “calculus concepts. She’s a kind, caring woman who helped me a lot. If you need help on math, I would definitely recommend Corinne.  - A.K.


Corinne is the best math teacher I’ve had. She saved my calculus grade. I was struggling, and she is worth every penny. She has years of experience and was recommended to me by 5 other people who all agree that she is the best tutor you can get. She becomes invested in every student she has, and does everything in her power to make sure you do the best possible in your class.  - S. T.


Corinne is the reason I got an A in Calculus this year! She makes it clear and easy to follow, and she is patient. You can tell that she loves math and really cares about the kids she tutors. She gives helpful extra practice if you're struggling and makes sure that you are well prepared for each exam! I would highly recommend Corinne if you need help with math, she's awesome! - K.B.


Corinne is without a doubt the best math tutor/teacher I’ve ever had.  I always thought I was pretty decent at math until I met my match with UT’s Calculus program.  After 2 failed tests, Corinne helped me raise my average on the next test by almost 40 points. -  J.L.