Math Tutor Courses from Corinne Irwin Austin Texas

Great tutor for elementary student. … Our daughter loves to work with Corinne. She’s been everything we could hope for and much, much more. Our daughter has found a new confidence in math, no longer fears her homework or test, and her grades have been excellent.

-Spanky78704 (Lee Elementary)

Courses: Age Seven Through Adulthood


I have taught and tutored all of the math courses below.  Prior to my retirement from classroom teaching, I taught other courses as well.  I enjoy helping students at whatever level they are working on.   It is really fun and fulfilling for me to watch students engage in their learning and be very excited about their successes when they work with me.

Basic Math Skills

All pre-algebra courses for adults as well as to middle school students or younger students are available for tutoring. Fractions, signed numbers, hierarchy of operations, counting, probability, and very basic statistics are often included in pre-algebra courses.


Elementary algebra (algebra I), intermediate algebra (algebra II), and college algebra, both regular paced courses as well as advanced (AP) courses, are available for tutoring,


Geometry would include the basics from high school or middle school at the regular or advanced level.


Trigonometry at both the regular and advanced high school level as well as at the college level can be done using the unit circle and/or right triangle trigonometry, whichever you and your teacher prefer.


Pre-calculus is a combination of college algebra and trigonometry at the college level. More advanced students also take it in high school before they start their calculus career in high school or college.

Finite Mathematics

Finite mathematics is taught at the college level for certain liberal arts type degrees. It includes linear programming, math of finance, matrices, counting and probability, and other topics depending on time.

Regular and Business Calculus

Regular calculus and advanced calculus are taught at the high school level. Differential and Integral Calculus are also taught in college. Depending on your major and placement scores, you will be placed into a review pre-calculus course, regular calculus, honors calculus, or business calculus at universities other than the University of Texas at Austin. At UT, you would be placed into M 408K/N, M 408L/S, or M 408C /D when you start college.

SAT/GRE Review for Math

SAT and GRE scores determine if and where you get to go to college or graduate school.  I have tutored the math portion of both very successfully and references for each if you need help getting to the next step of your academic career.

Writing Tutor/Coach

Style, grammar, and presentation of writing assignments are challenging to many students.  Once a student has read the assignment and drafted his or her paper, I have worked successfully with students on the development of the final version of the writing assignment to be submitted to their teachers. I have also developed personal college admission essays with juniors and seniors in high school with great success for them being admitted to the universities of their dreams.