Learn Online

Get Online Math and Writing Tutoring During the Pandemic

I can help you learn math or write your essays from the safety and security of your home, apartment, or dorm.  I can send you everything that I write during our sessions to you as a pdf attachment to your email address.  It will be great if you can show me your materials online during our sessions.  If you have an iPad or similar writing surface, I will be able to watch you work while we are together on Zoom!!!  Materials from your teacher will be seen by both of us when you share your screen with me online.

I will be tutoring math and writing remotely.

I use Zoom and Scribble, free online services to you, so that you can watch me writing solutions to your math problems, and you can ask me any questions as we go.  I will send you a PDF copy of all of my notes to you as an email attachment after our sessions.

If you have an iPad or something similar, I can see your work, too, when you share your screen with me.  Any online materials that your school has provided I can see when you share your screen with me on Zoom!  You can also text me or email your work during our sessions so that I can see where you are having trouble or need clarification.  If you are considering purchasing a writing surface to use for math and your other subjects, please be sure to ask for the educational discount.

Tutoring Payments

You can pay by Venmo, Zelle, or personal check mailed to me in advance.  You may be interested in a discount package if you want us to work together weekly.  The discount packages are paid in advance.  All sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy associated with them.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy for Mariposa Tutoring

If a session is missed or cancelled in less than 24 hours before your scheduled time, you will be charged the for the normal rate for your session.  Exceptions will only apply to a sudden illness or a dire emergency!
Payment for your session is due at the session or prior to the session if you choose to pay in advance. There is a $10 late charge per session for each session paid after my services have been rendered.
I will confirm all of your appointments by email or text in advance, so that you can sign in on Zoom and Scribble on time. If you are late, we will miss out on that portion of the time.

Thank you.  Corinne Irwin